Ben Staffani

Meet Ben, he is 20 years old, and has the skater boy look to him. He called me in a hurry for the fact that his girlfriend had to work, and he doesn’t want her to find out what he is doing. So, we got to the studio, and he wanted to get in and get started. Ben took off and removed his shirt revealing this nice, tan chest, with a couple tattoos on his body. His nipples are pierced, and he doesn’t like to where underwear in Florida. He thinks that it is to hot, and that it is better to be free so to speak. He likes tan girls, with a great set of tits, and a nice ass. He has never messed around with another guy, even as a kid. Ben sits back on the couch, and he really stands out with his tan body against the black sheet. He even brought his own lube to jack off with. Standing up he should his nice hard cock in the camera, and then turned his butt in the lens. He has a very nice ass, and then he spreads the checks.


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