Dexter and Eric

These two guys called me up and wanted to come in for an interview. They needed to make some cash, because they were broke and need some money to go to a party. Dex is 19, skinny, smooth, white boy with his nipple pierced that just so happens to be bisexual. And his friend Eric is 20 and straight, with a nice looking body, and a great personality. Both of them are going to school right now, and living in a dorm room with two other guys. Because of so many living in one room, they have to get off in the shower, or the bathroom for some privacy. Eric has a girlfriend right now, and Dex is just a swinger and is up for anything. When both boys started jacking off, it was a little hard for Eric to get hard, so he grabbed the bottle of lube and was good to go. He says that he is straight and has never thought of another guy, but has compared himself to one here and there.

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