Ben Cooper: Ben is a ladies man, and he came in today to make some extra cash to take his girlfriend out for a special evening out. Ben doesn’t really work, and enjoys this line of work. When he takes off his shirt, you see this nice smooth, tan chest. For it being his first time in front of the camera he was a little nervous. Pulling his cock out of his pants, it just makes him look that much hotter. After a few minutes, he takes it all off to make it a little more comfortable. Once his cock truly does get hard, he makes you just want to reach over there and help him out. Sitting there, he quickly gets tired of that position and changes. Laying down he starts to relax more and soon he is closing his eyes and getting into that fantasy. As he strokes it, watch him pick up speed as he gets closer to cumming. When he does, it is nice that he is so tan, that it helps the cum stand out. He just made the money to take his girlfriend out to dinner, and I think this boy will be back again for another shoot, considering that he likes what he just did.

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