Brad Star

Brad is this hot, jock looking type that is soon to be 21, and his whole body gets your attention. He takes off his shirt, and underneath you see this nice looking, smooth chest and abs that could wash some clothes. The tattoos of the stars draw attention to his pelvis. Of course, Brad lost his job and saw our ad, and doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out what he is doing. He likes tiny girls. Brad has a cock that looks like it can do some business on something. In shooting in different angles, it allows you to see just how big it is. Sounds like Brad has an open mind, and with some money he is open to trying some things. In going for his cock, I get to fill this huge thing fill up my hand & side up and down in my hand. If you thought that Brad had a nice cock, take a look at his ass. It is so good, you can watch me bury my face in it. For an extra $35 bucks, he lets me touch his asshole. I then begin to try and finger his hole. He is so tight that it is hard for me to get in.

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