Chad and Fabio: Chad just lost his job at the hospital so he is in need of some cash and fast. Fabio just quit his job and his girlfriend is high maintenance and likes expensive gifts. I gave them a layout of what we are looking for, and told them that I was going to need them to get undressed. Neither of them has ever messed around with another guy before. In asking the guys to take off their shirts, they want me to pay for that. Sure, I will bait on that. And then we get to the boxers and both guys hesitate and with some more money all the clothes come off. Money is very important in getting what I want out of these boys. Both of these guys have huge, amazing looking cocks. Soon I have Chad jacking Fabio off, and Fabio sucks Chad’s cock. When it’s Fabio’s turn to have his cock sucked he says, “it’s better than my girlfriend does it.” Sitting back on the couch both guys jack off next to one another.
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